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Frigidaire appliances come from a home and commercial appliance manufacturing marketing leader who has been around since 1916. The name of the company is often times used in place of the word refrigerator. This is like Kleenex brand is with the word tissue. Frigidaire has branded their refrigerator line like other big players, such as Kleenex and Xerox.  Come on, admit it, haven't you called your copier a Xerox machine, even when it wasn't made by Xerox?  Frigidaire has long been recognized as a manufacturer that provides quality and long-lasting appliances. To date back to the "early refrigerator years", two men named Nathaniel Whales and Alfred Mellowes invented what was then called the "self-containing refrigerator." Frigidaire continued to develop and market the product from that point on. I bet you were wondering why people call their refrigerator a "Frigidaire"... Well now you know! :)

The brand Frigidaire has actually found its way into the world of music as it gets referenced in various songs! Check out the 2007 album made by British songwriter/singer, Jarvis Cocker. Jarvis' song, "From Auschwitz to Ipswich," has the brand mentioned in it and one of our own famous musicians, Ray Charles, made a song that mentions Frigidaire. His song is "I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts of Town."

Does the name Guardian Frigerator Company ring a bell? For most it won't as it hasn't been that name since 1918. Frigidaire was first called this. Back when the company started; it originated in the Midwest in Detroit Michigan. Mr. William Durant, stepped in two years after it open its doors and personally invested in the company. For those of you who don't recognize the name, Billy was the President of a small comapny called General Motors at the time. Within a year, they became Frigidaire and GM bought it directly. GM was the proud owner of Frigidaire up until 1979. To learn more about its humble beginnings, Frigidaire Appliances History, left click on the link provided.

Let's take us into present day information about this U.S. based corporation!  I would be remiss if I didn't ask this question.. As I'm confident that most of you already knew that Frigidaire makes refrigerators, did you also know they manufacture washers, dryers, freezers A/C units, range hoods, toasters, coffee pots and toasters? They have "stepped out of the kitchen" to provide you with other quality household appliances. I recently found out that they make a line of freezers and refrigerators for commercial applications as well. Well, if you didn't know this before, you now do!

I am not going to drill down and discuss in detail each product line or particular model as I fear I would bore you to tears. Rather the purpose of the article is to act as an informational resource or a "starting point," or "jumping off reference point" to get you started on your journey of finding the best appliance AND best price for it to fit your needs. Since Frigidaire is highly associated with their refrigerator line, let's start from there!

Frigidaire gives you a lot of options to decide from, so by the time you are done, you have built the refrigerator or other appliance to your specifications! It is so great to be able to have so many choices! This company has put a tremendous amount of time and thought into their appliances.

I created this website with a goal in mind. I want to provide you with one interface that provides you with several great resources, all of which will answer any questions you may have. You will be able to shop the best price right from our website, so be sure to bookmark our site to make your research as simple and quick as possible!

The link to custom pick your fridge is Frigidaire Refrigerators. The choices "overfloweth" when it comes to Frigidaire. Here are some other links for you to check out...

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I am feeling generous with providing shortcuts today, so here are a few more..  To review the Frigidaire Microwaves just click on the handy link and to see what  Frigidaire Freezer best suits your needs, well you know what to do..

OK, so I apologize because I kind of set the expectation that I would provide you links for each product type. If I did that, there would be 17 and I'd be doing HTML code all day. Here is what I propose to do instead. If I haven't provided you with the link you need yet, I am going to give you the link to the Home Page, Frigidaire Appliances where you can easily go to your desired product line.

Are you here on this site because you are in the beginning stages of searching for an appliance? Are you past the discovery phase of searching and know what you want? Whether you are just starting to gather info or you know specifically what you want, this website can help. As I mentioned, I want this site to be a great resource to you. I want to provide you a way to compare prices from this site. It took me awhile, but I found a way to do so. Let's face the facts. None of us seem to have enough time in our day to get everything we want accomplished. My hope is that I save you some of it on this so you can use it on other productive aspects. I want to help you figure out the model you want and then where you can get the absolute best price! It is my wish that my site really works for you. I am partial to the Frigidaire brand and believe in getting the word out.

One last thing worth noting about Frigidaire. They are big supporter of the charity "Save the Children," to help impoverished children here in the United States. Did you know that 1 out of 6 kids grows up in poverty here? If you're still looking at other manufacturers and haven't yet made up your mind, please consider this piece of information, too.  Thank you and best wishes to you on your search!